Understanding the Stomach Flu Incubation Virus

Stomach Flu Incubation VirusStomach Flu Incubation Virus : There are a lot of diseases that can always attack us anytime and anywhere. One of the most common conditions that can come from our daily activities is stomach flu. This is actually the name of condition that in the medical world known as Gastroenteritis. This is the kind of condition that will attack your intestine. Usually, the symptoms will include diarrhea, fever, nausea, headaches and muscle cramps.

Unlike the usual diarrhea or food poisoning, stomach flu is generally caused by virus. And because of this fact, this disease is more prone to be infected to other people by the means of air circulation. This is the reason why people with this condition should always stay at home.

To understand how you should prevent yourself from getting stomach flu or to prevent other people getting infected when you have one, you should indeed understand how your body react to the virus. Also, you might need know how long the incubation period of the virus inside your body.

The Period of Stomach Flu Incubation in Intestines

Stomach flu incubation period refers to how long the virus first infect your intestine and how long it will take your body to develop the symptoms of stomach flu. Generally, the virus will make you feel ill after about 48 hours from the first time you have contact with it. But this will be different from one to another, depending on how their body immune system works. Kids will usually develop symptoms faster than the adults. So, watch out for the signs of this condition on the child, especially after they have interaction with people who have this condition.

But there are also another strain of stomach flu virus that will have longer incubation period. Adenovirus will need at least 1 week after first contact for the patients to show the usual symptoms of stomach flu. But some new studies showed a new kind of virus can develop illness after only 24 hours after being in the intestine of a person.

Another thing to consider when talking about stomach flu incubation is that the virus will still be able to infect other people for as long as two weeks after the symptoms are all gone. This makes the patients should be more careful when interacting with other people even after they think they are fully well. Otherwise, other people, including family members, will be more prone to get the same disease as them.


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