Treating Stomach Flu While Pregnant Correctly

Stomach Flu While PregnantEveryone who have had the experience of having stomach flu will tell you that it is not a pleasant thing. This is understandable as the disease will leave you weak and dehydrated while also make you throw up a lot and push you to go to the bathroom frequently. But the more dangerous thing that can happen is having stomach flu while pregnant. This is more dangerous than the usual stomach flu because of the fact that the body system could be suppressed and lower when the woman is pregnant. That will also make us realize that pregnant women will be more susceptible of getting other infection.

Stomach flu on pregnant women might not be able to affect the baby inside directly, but the health condition of the mother will indeed be threaten if the flu is not treated correctly. Severe dehydration is indeed the main culprit that can cause danger to pregnant women. If you are worried about having the stomach flu while you are pregnant, here are some things that you could understand to ease up your mind.

How to Treat Symptoms of Stomach Flu While Pregnant

The early symptoms of stomach flu on pregnant women will not be very different from the common stomach flu. You will usually feel nauseous in the first couple of days completed with mild fever and diarrhea. An unusual cramps will also creep up on your stomach, although it is not dangerous for your pregnancy.

To treat the early symptoms, one of the remedies that you can use is to chew ginger. This is because of the fact that ginger will help you a lot to avoid throwing up. This is crucial as it will help you keep your food and nutrition down to help your baby grows inside of you.

The great thing about using ginger is that you can use it in many ways. For instance, making ginger tea will help your body to get calmer and relieve your nausea. To make this, you can boil a little bit of ginger root and add a little bit of chamomile tea. Drink the tea little by little to avoid having your stomach bloated. Also, it might be nice to add a little sugar to make yourself a little bit more energetic after draining your fluid.

Aside from drinking tea and replenishing yourself with liquid, you should also fill your stomach with high nutrition food little by little. Experts recommended that you are following the BRAT diet, which stands for Banana, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast. Those kinds of food will have basic nutrition to help your body avoid dehydration and keep it energized for the whole day. Again, you should consume it little by little to avoid getting bloated and throw up.

But one thing that you should also understand is that stomach flu while pregnant is a somehow serious condition. If you are concerned about the health of you baby inside, it will be a lot better to be handled by medical professional. Meanwhile, you should also do some preemptive steps to avoid getting the stomach flu, including washing your hand frequently or avoiding contact with sick people.


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