Taking Care of Yourself at Home Stomach Flu Remedies

Taking Care of Yourself at Home Stomach Flu RemediesThere are any ways that we can get problems on our body, from the mild to even a more severe condition. Stomach flu might not be one of diseases that threaten the life of people, but it can indeed make you suffer a lot. The fever, chills, diarrhea that makes you need to go to the bathroom, and also the nausea that will make you feel bad for the whole day. There has not been any effective cure for stomach flu, but you can actually make yourself feel a little bit better by using doing some stomach flu remedies.

Understanding the Symptoms of Stomach Flu

Stomach flu is the kind of pain that attacks your intestines. This is also the reason why the main symptoms will usually start from the stomach area. The first thing that you will notice when you are having a stomach flu is the frequency of bathroom breaks that you will need in a day. Also, you will also notice watery diarrhea every time you go to the bathroom. This is caused by the fact that your intestines are now infected with a number of viruses.

Meanwhile, it is also frequent that you will experience nausea and fever all day long. Nausea will make you want to throw up a lot. This is not dangerous as long as you are eating foods and drinking fresh water. The fever will make you feel cold and uncomfortable, but it is actually your body system fighting the bacteria and viruses inside your body.

Other than those above, stomach flu will also be likely to cause you headache and muscle ache. Therefore, it is actually recommended that you are not doing too much activities while you are having stomach flu and get enough rest for the day.

Stomach Flu Remedies at Home

The foremost and a very important remedy for stomach flu is to take regular intake of water during the day. When you are having stomach flu, your body will try to flush the viruses from your body. This is why you will have diarrhea and also vomit. But this will also make your body releases a lot of fluids and will make you weaker than usual. Taking the right kind of fluid will help you to re-energize your body.

Usually, the fluids that you should drink include fresh water or sports drink. Sports drinks will be better actually because the sugar and electrolytes in them will be able to replace your body fluids more quickly. Meanwhile, if you like to drink tea, chamomile tea is recommended for this. Not only that it will help to freshen your body, but your mind will be calmer, and it will also help with the nausea and fever.

To keep your body function not disturbed while having stomach flu, you will also need to eat the right food. Usually, it is recommended to follow the BRAT diet for your home remedies of stomach flu. BRAT stands for Banana, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast. Banana will be very good to supply your body with potassium to keep your body with energy. Rice is good because it has a lot of carbs and easy to be digested in your stomach. Meanwhile, applesauce and toast should also be eaten as they contain sugars and have low fibers, which is good for your intestine when you have stomach flu.

Also, keep in mind that you need to avoid eating some foods when the stomach flu hits you. This thing will include foods with high fibers, salty and spicy foods or acidic yogurt. If you are also a drinker, it might be better to avoid alcohol altogether. Also, high caffeine food might not be good for a while.

Stomach flu will also cause you to lose a lot of your energy. This condition will make you want to lounge and lay down on your bed. If you are having this, it will indeed be better to take the rest that you need and recharge your body. Calming your mind and free them from stress will also be good to give you the best recovery that you can get.

If the stomach flu remedies that you have taken still can’t get your body healthier, you can also consume some medications to relieve the symptoms and help you get your health quicker. Usually, Tylenol should be great to relieve your headache and fever.

Meanwhile, Imodium can be used to treat the diarrhea. The medication should help you to release most of the viruses that caused stomach flu out of your stomach. You can also ask for your doctor to give you anti vomiting medication to calm your stomach and give you better handling of your condition.

But if the condition persist for two days or more, or your stool has already had blood on it, stomach flu remedies at home will not be suitable for you. Consult to your doctor directly to relieve the condition.


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