Stomach Virus Symptoms 2016

stomach flu symptoms 2016Stomach Virus Symptoms : A stomach flu symptom can be caused by one of many different ailments such as food poisoning, bacteria or even some parasites.The stomach flu, also known as gastroenteritis, is a viral infection that attacks the stomach and small intestine. Usually brief in nature, it typically lasts 1 to 3 days.

Diarrhea is the one of the main stomach flu symptoms. Some people also experience vomiting. What happens to cause stomach flu symptoms is that the cells along the small intestinal lining becomes damaged due to a viral infection.

The stomach flu is one health problem which is hard to contain with the help of home remedies. It does not mean that there is no remedy for the disease. The real problem is pf containment.

Rotavirus is the major cause of stomach flu in children under the age of 5. If rotavirus infects the intestinal walls of kids, they suffer from symptoms that include fever, vomiting and dehydration which can prolong for a period of 2-5 days.Norovirus is yet another virus that can cause this disease.

The following lists effective ways to improve these areas:

Practice having a positive, optimistic frame of mind. This will go a long way to improving your overall health. Negative or pessimistic people are more unhealthy. Let go of those friends or colleagues who drag you down.

There are many more homeopathic medicines for stomach flu, for flu and for every other imaginable disease you might have. This is because homeopaths don’t look at the disease label. Homeopaths need your unique symptoms to work out an effective medicine for you.

The treatment of viral gastroenteritis includes rest, analgesics and re-hydration. Tylenol may be used to treat fever and muscle cramps.

Foods to avoid:

  • Milk and milk products: butter, cheese, ice cream etc.
  • Sweetened fruit juices
  • Sugar, including honey
  • High protein foods: meat, eggs, nuts and seeds
  • Fats: especially fried or greasy food

Don’t share personal items like forks and spoons, toothbrushes, tongue cleaner, and towels. Try not to be around others who have stomach flu. Keep your hands away from from nose, eyes, and mouth.

Bedrest is very important, the more the better. Complete bed rest is recommended for the duration of the diarrhea and vomiting or for twenty four hours, which ever lasts the longest. I f fever is involved with the sickness of the child, take care to check it frequently.

Chicken Soup – for many years now, chicken soup has been used to ease flu symptoms. The soup contains garlic that can boost your immune system. It may even reduce the pain that you feel. When preparing the chicken stock, don’t forget to add leeks or onion, celery, and of course, the garlic.

Because the stomach flu is a virus-caused disease, a better idea is protecting yourself from virus invading. When someone has suffered stomach cold, do not use or share the foods, drinks, towel which may be affected by the stomach flu virus.

Food safety is critically important in keeping yourself healthy, and those who you are cooking for. Nobody ever wants to get sick because of the food borne illness and it can be prevented by proper care. Follow this advice and you should keep you and your loved ones from getting sick.

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  1. Does this mean letting go of negative people will influence the flu? The mentally ill and autistic who are stressed and troubled by their illness and their relatives must be sick constantly. Wonder of the AMA would be interested in these flu remedy suggestions? In the meantime, maybe try small frequent sips of lemon ginger water, cinnamon stick and manuka honey tea and the like to support the body.

  2. I have had the stomach flu the last couple of days. I started off very tired, headache,and explosive diarrhea. The diarrhea had subsided but have found that my insides are really sore. If I cough the top portioñ of stomach really sore. Is this normal?

  3. My three kids are all having this illness presently with severe vomiting, dehydration, mild diarrhea & fever (37.5c), consecutively. We have been able to manage the situation successfully. The first two are fine now, we are on the third now and he is improving. Using an ORS for hydration, flagil syrup, and zinc tablets for children.

  4. who writes this shit.. I need to let go of negative people to get over my stomach flu? Seriously?

  5. Absolutely starving with heart burn and indegestion. No diarrhoea, thank god. MORE FOOD PLEASE!!!!

    • That sounds like GERD. Please check up with your physician. This may be more serious than a :”flu”

  6. I have had the same thing it will subside eventually. Probably cause it was constant diarrhea which would make anything sore.

  7. It sure doesn’t have anything with the people we’re around. It’s a bug. Fever, chills, body aches and the shits like crazy. Whew

  8. Sick as a dog!!! Having had gastric bypass. 9years ago so I think I may have some dumping syndrome thrown in for the heck of it. II’mon day 4 of feeling crappy however.: (

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