stomach flu what to eat?

stomach flu what to eat?If you are having stomach flu or viral gastroenteritis, that means that you have a virus infection inside your gastrointestinal track. Usually, two of the most common symptoms of this condition is diarrhea and nausea. One thing that doctors were asked about this condition is what to eat for stomach flu.

If you have a severe case of stomach flu, you may experience the difficulty to keep any food down in your body. Meanwhile, most of the food you ate will also be not digested properly. But still, some foods will work better to eat than other when you are having stomach flu. For instance, applesauce, eggs, gelatin, toast and bananas are really good for your health to keep you energized. Mostly, if you avoid eating foods that are acidic, greasy or spicy, you will always be fine. Meanwhile, foods with high fiber should also be avoided for a while to make sure that you don’t make your digestive system works harder than it should.

When virus of stomach flu is infecting your body, you will sure feel weak. And this is actually caused by the fact that your body will release a lot of liquids from it. Therefore, it is very important to stay hydrated to prevent fatal situation. But while it is very important to keep your body hydrated, make sure that you time the liquid intake by small doses. The main thing to consider about this is that you have to do it regularly during the day. Drinking clean water is the best choice for this, but you can also get other liquids if you want. For instance, weak tea and apple juice are some of the best example that you can drink to keep you hydrated. You should also avoid drinking acidic beverages such as soda or orange juice and coffee. Milk is also off limit while you are having diarrhea.

Remember to always stick with small frequent sip while drinking them. This is because of the fact that if you drink them too fast you will have bigger chance to vomit them again.

Taking drugs is also nice to lower the pain that you feel while having stomach flu. But make sure that you always consult to your doctor before taking any medicine to make sure that it will not interfere with other condition that you might be having. Do not take any antibiotics because it will not work against virus of stomach flu.

When your symptoms of stomach flu have gone away, you can go back to your regular diet. But make sure that you clean every surface in your house after being healthy to make sure that the virus will not infect you again.

You should also know that stomach flu is a condition that will only run for about a few days to up to two weeks. Getting rest and stay hydrated are the best things that you can do while waiting for the condition to subside. But still, keep eating food to help your body fight the disease and get your normal condition back to you.

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