How Long Do People with Stomach Flu Contagious?

Stomach Flu ContagiousStomach Flu Contagious : Having stomach flu is a very bad experience that sadly can come to anyone, from adults to kids and even infants. The bad thing about this is that it will leave the patients with a lot of symptoms that will make them unable to do their activities. For instance, throwing up and feeling weak are the two usual things that come with this condition. Therefore, the patients will usually need to rest for a few days until they can regain their health again.

But the more important thing that people should know about this condition is how serious they are about being spread. The viruses that can cause this condition can infect other people very easily. This is the main reason why you would need to get away from other people when you are having stomach flu, especially from the kids. The period of stomach flu contagious will differ based on the type of virus that infect you. Here is some information that might help you avoiding being contagious when having stomach bug.

Stomach Flu Contagious Period Based on Virus Types

There are mainly two types of virus that can infect people and cause stomach flu on them. The first one is the Norovirus. This is actually the kind of virus that cause the most common kind of stomach flu. This virus can infect both adult and kids. Usually, you will be able to feel the symptoms of stomach flu after begin exposed to this virus within at least one or two days. But, you should know that the virus will be contagious right at the time you feel ill. So, if you expect that you are having stomach flu and your body starts to feel weak and cold, make sure that you avoid other people, including family members, to prevent the spreading of the disease.

Meanwhile, the kids are prone to be infected by Rotavirus. While the name is different, this virus is just another variation of the previous one. And like we said before, this virus usually attacks the kids due to their lower immune system.

One of the most important thing about Rotavirus is that it will be able to make the patients contagious from the first day of being infected. Also, the virus will spread from the patients as long as two weeks after the stomach flu symptoms cleared up from the patients.

How to Prevent Spreading Virus When You Are Stomach Flu Contagious

Staying at home would be your first choice if you are worried that your stomach flu is contagious. You should always skip work or school for a few days until your symptoms completely gone. Meanwhile, if you have other family members in the house, make sure that you don’t interact with them too much, especially not to use the same eating utensils.

You should also look for ways to treat you stomach flu contagious to make sure that you are hydrated and fit. While stomach flu might not be very life threatening, dehydration that can be caused by it will make you weak and unable to do anything.


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