gastrointestinal virus

gastrointestinal virus 2016

gastrointestinal virus

Gastrointestinal means inflammation of stomach as well as the gastrointestinal tract. It is also known as stomach flu. It can be caused by an infection, virus, bacterium or parasite. These viruses can lead to condition like fever, diarrhea and vomiting. The different viruses that cause gastroenteritis are rotavirus, adenoviruses, caliciviruses and astroviruses. The signs and symptoms of gastroenteritis may vary depending upon the individual. It is very important that your doctor makes the proper diagnosis before writing down the prescription.

gastrointestinal virus 2016 from PHE’s Gastrointestinal Bacteria Reference Unit (GBRU)

Laboratory reports Number of reports received Total reports Cumulative totals
1/16 2/16 3/16 4/16 1-4/16 1-4/16 1-4/15
Campylobacter 856 726 763 703 3048 3048 4175
E. coli O157 * 8 3 5 16 16 19
Salmonella ** 149 89 49 3 290 290 590
Shigella sonnei 14 12 14 12 52 52 139
Rotavirus 24 14 28 26 92 92 274
Norovirus 97 117 133 130 477 477 930
Cryptosporidium 60 51 50 55 216 216 273
Giardia 70 60 61 50 241 241 364
Laboratory reports Number of reports received Total reports Cumulative totals
5/16 6/16 7/16 8/16 5-8/16 1-8/16 1-8/15
Campylobacter 750 730 645 700 2825 5934 8457
E. coli O157 * 1 8 8 2 19 33 53
Salmonella ** 79 59 31 2 171 618 952
Shigella sonnei 12 7 12 11 42 99 213
Rotavirus 31 29 32 33 125 222 621
Norovirus 147 117 194 217 675 1163 2043
Cryptosporidium 42 44 29 45 160 380 407
Giardia 63 51 61 38 213 457 673

This condition may not cause too much harm if proper care is taken. You body takes quite a toll due to diarrhea and other symptoms. Without proper care it can be get severe. Adults as well as kids are not spared by this inconvenience. Gastroenteritis can be contagious and can spread from person to person. The contamination of drinking water is one of the reasons for trouble. Unhygienic food and unhygienic conditions of maintaining the food causes problem too. Sea food in the likes of shellfish reaped in polluted water and handled by unhygienic people creates problems.

One of the common symptoms of gastroenteritis is severe diarrhea. It is the main reason for dehydration. You also suffer stomach pain, nausea, vomiting and fever. Due to this continuous pain there is loss of appetite, fever or chills. You also endure body ache as well as stiffness of your joints. There is lack of stool control. Dark color urine should ring a bell. It is very important that you wash your hands once you have been to the bathroom. By keeping your kitchen spic and span you can avoid any causes of infection. Drink boiled or bottled water. Avoid food which is half-cooked especially seafood.
Children are the common patients of gastroenteritis and special care has to be taken for that. Due to loss of fluids it is very important that the child remains dehydrated by constant intake of fluids. Take plenty of rest. Consume at least eight to ten glasses of water everyday. Avoid spicy food and eat more of vegetables. Plain and simple food may go a long way.

Some Home Remedies

You can make concoction by using eight ounces of fruit juice (one, which won’t escalate your gastro problem), 1/2 tsp honey, corn syrup and a pinch of salt, mixed in a glass. In another glass you can have 8 ounces of purified water with 1/4 tsp baking soda. Drink alternately from each glass until it’s over.

Having clay mixed with water is very good to prevent gastro.

Campfire ash used also helps due to its astringent and drying-up effect when brewed in tea.

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  1. All my family got the stomach virus vomiting diarrhea slot of pain in the abdominal area my nieces ,my kids ,my brother his wife,me and my step mom

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